We have three grades of lake balls to choose from, Pearl/Grade A, Grade B and Practice Grade.

Pearl/Grade A – Our mixture of Pearl and Grade A lake balls are the best quality lake golf balls available on the market, and there is a good chance they will have only been hit once or twice.

Pearl balls will have the look and feel of a brand new golf ball and our Grade A lake balls will have no more than the slight surface mark. They will contain no practice stamp , X-out or refurbished balls. Pearl/Grade A balls may have a company logo

Grade B- Our Grade B lake balls have narrowly missed the classification of a Pearl or Grade A ball, but they are still in good condition and are excellent value for money. They may be a fraction off white in colour and may show a bit more sign of use compared to a Pearl/Grade A lake ball. Ideal for beginners or higher handicapped golfers.

Practice Grade – Practice balls contain golf balls that have been hit a fair few times along the way. They will contain heavily scuffed / blemished balls and more discoloration than Grade B balls. There may be a refurbished balls, practice stamp and X-out balls included in the mix practice of balls. Ideal for general practice, tricky water shots and complete beginners.